Newly constructed modern model luxury home in Phoenix azBuyers of re-sale homes almost always have their homes inspected by a professional inspector. Buyers of new homes, however, often do not take this important step. There are several reasons for this:

The buyer is getting a brand new home and thinks that the inspection is an unnecessary added cost.

The buyer feels that they are protected by the one-year builder warranty inspection for workmanship, plus an extended structural warranty.

In many cases, the home is inspected by city inspectors as a part of the permitting process.

Buyers believe that they can rely on the builder’s reputation.

The builder is resistant to the idea of third-party inspections.

Buyers are not aware that a home inspection is a recommended alternative.

The buyer plans to “keep an eye” on the construction.

Because the quality of new construction is often not what it used to be years ago, many new home buyers have independent reviews of their property during various stages of the construction process, including slab, framing, and final inspection. These relatively inexpensive inspections protect your purchase, prevent unpleasant surprises, and ensures the quality home that you’ve dreamed about. ~Kelly Lopez


A Business Relationship

The construction of a home is a big project involving many contractors and suppliers. As the buyer and homeowner, you are the financer and recipient of the final product. If you are like most people, this is your biggest investment. Understandably, most people want to establish a good rapport with their builder. They must rely on the builder throughout the job, and for warranty and service work after completion. They feel that they need the builder’s friendship and goodwill, and do not want to risk damaging the relationship. Schedule your New Home Inspection Phoenix Today!

You will need to come to terms with this in your own mind. Do not allow your anxiety about the construction process to obscure the fact that you have a business relationship with your builder. You are working together under a contract. It is possible to be cordial and respectful while maintaining the right to bring up problems and concerns. It is best to establish the ground rules for your relationship at the beginning of the project. At some point, you may need to tell the builder that something is not acceptable to you.

Final Inspection

You will need to have all the utilities on in order to complete this inspection. Normally, the builder requests a “walk-thru” inspection with you when the house is substantially complete. If utilities are on, you could schedule your inspector at this time. You can focus on paint and touch up items, while your inspector conducts a more thorough inspection, checking for leaks, non-functional outlets, final grading of the lot, flashing problems, appliance operation, voids in the mortar, etc.


The Construction Inspection

At some point, you will sell your home, and your buyer will likely have your home inspected. Some of the items the inspector catches now may seem minor, but they will come up later in your buyer’s home inspection if they are not corrected. It is in your best interest to have everything nailed down now. If there are items that cannot be fixed before closing, and you cannot delay closing, ask the builder to sign a written list of items to be repaired or completed. Schedule your New Construction Inspection Phoenix Today!

Building a new home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. A new home can deliver the right floor plan and finishes for you. It is a complicated project and a huge investment. The support, advice, and information that you will gain from a third party inspection are invaluable. Do not leave out this important step in the building process. It is well worth the investment.

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